Trauma is an emotional response to an event that causes an overwhelming amount of stress. A traumatic event can be any stressful event such as, being the victim of a violent crime or sexual assault, experiencing the death of a close relative or friend, or being involved in an accident. In addition, trauma can arise from a recent stressful even or be the result an event that occurred years ago, such as childhood abuse.  

People who suffer from a traumatic event may struggle physically, emotionally, or psychologically afterwards. The distressing event may cause people to experience overwhelming feelings, such as extreme anxiety, depression, anger, sadness or guilt. Individuals who have suffered trauma may also experience ongoing problems with sleep, physical pain, appetite disturbance or maintaining personal relationships.  

Traumatic counseling is a field of counseling which helps people come to terms with, and recover from, a traumatic event. A counselor with specialized experience and training can help people who are struggling with trauma to integrate the emotions involved with the experience and to develop ways to cope with the resulting emotional and physical stress.

Our practice in East Lansing provides counseling and works with patients who are dealing with trauma and stress. If you would like to make an appointment, contact us now.

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